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Chemical anchors

Powers Fasteners has been researching and developing adhesive fastening technology for more that 15 years. During this time Powers has become a specialist in injection adhesive anchoring, with two component reactive resin mortar with no outward radial force. And more recently with the advent of a styrene free material and fire rated approvals, Powers is the first choice when it come to high load, stress free adhesive anchoring. Powers Fasteners provides the broadest range of products to meeting the needs of any DIY low volume application to the professional contractor requiring an environmentally friendly approved system.

Quick Selection Chemical Anchoring:

The correct choice for your Chemical Anchor is roughly dependent on three criteria:
1. the type of hole
2. the required load on the anchor
3. the installation requirements


Depending on these three criteria, you will ideally either use:
1. a pure epoxy anchor (PURE150-PRO or PURE-2K)
2. a vinylester (AC100-PRO, AC150-PRO, AC100-NORDIC or AC100-EXPRESS)
3. a polyester (PV50-PRO or PV45-PRO)
4. a capsule (CAPSULE CS PLUS)


Pure Epoxy
A pure epoxy is used in diamond drilled holes and are suitable for extreme loads, or very high loads with low embedment depths. The main advantage of pure epoxy is that it gets part of its bonding power from ‘glue-like’ attributes, thus making it very suitable for the very smooth drillholes that result from diamond drilling. The main disadvantage is the long curing time. Suitable for all common building materials, especially concrete.


A vinylester is used for very high loads in SDS/hammer drilled holes. It has less ‘glue-like’ attributes, thus making it not as suitable for diamond drilled holes as pure epoxies. The Powers formula is water- and weatherproof, making perfect fastening possible in even the most extreme weather conditions. Suitable for all common building materials, especially concrete.


A polyester is a low-cost chemical anchor, only suitable for SDS/hammer drilled holes and suitable for medium loads. Polyesters have the property of being sensitive for water and weather, and typically will lose bonding power after 5 to 10 years in outside applications. It is therefore most suitable for inside applications. Especially suitable for brickwork.


Capsules are used in applications where exact calculation of the number of anchors is required (0% spillage or waste). The second main application is (for the spinning capsule) the use in diamond drilled holes, in a situation where a shorter curing time is desired. Because the glass of the spinning capsule will roughen the drill hole, a good fastening is achieved in spite of the fact that the capsule contains a vinylester formula.


For extensive information on product properties, installation guidelines, allowable loads, approvals and calculations please refer to the Powers Chemical Guide.