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Blue-Tip Screwbolts

The Blue Tip is a unique, patented, heavy duty screw anchor. It is one of the only screw anchors on the market to have ETA-1 approval for installation in cracked concrete, giving you the highest possible quality rating. The high load capacity in shallow embedment depths gives you huge diversity in application, thanks to the precision engineered carbon steel body. Suitable for installation into concrete, brick, sand and limestone, the Blue Tip can be used across a job site. The one piece design makes installation fast and easy - simply drill and screw - which saves you valuable time on the job. It is easy to remove, and can be reused, making this an economical choice. The unique blue tip aids installation and also serves as a visual guide as to whether reuse is possible: if the blue has worn off, then it should be replaced. This provides an extra level of safety for your peace of mind.


The Blue Tip is available in a large range of sizes and types, from hex head to pan head and countersunk head. This gives you a large range of finish options. It is available with two coats; zinc plated and hot-dip galvanised. The zinc plating gives it a high level of corrosion resistance. The hot-dip galvanised Blue Tip can be used in almost any environment, including immersed environments.